About Us

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About Us

Our company provides service with its employees who have more than 20 years of industry experience. It is our goal to offer the best quality solution by selling the leading and leading brands in the products we work with. Our company, which was established at the address YEDPA, expanded its service network by opening the PERPA branch at the end of the third year.

Our Mission

Our company was established as a result of our founder seeing the problems in customer relations in the sector and the excitement lost by sales companies in the companies he works with and feeling the need to do it with a new breath. This new point of view, with the idea that the relations that need to be developed with the customers stem from the transformation from the bidding stage to the mechanical process in the process starting from product supply disruptions to collection, with the aim of creating the perception of being a solution partner for customers and creating fanatical customers for our company. If our company does not establish our priority as making money, our earnings will turn into profitability with its natural development, and it has adopted the accuracy of its idea as a principle. With our belief that this is the right path, our only goal is to reach the legal and real persons of whom we are solution partners, together with our suppliers who will keep our ambition and excitement alive without losing our mission while growing, and to grow in a healthy and permanent manner while doing this.

Our Vision

Our biggest goal is to renew ourselves by constantly following the dynamics of the sector we are interested in, to develop while renewing and to reach sustainable size. While reaching this goal, we believe that it is necessary and essential to move forward with our suppliers who will feed these goals, to turn these relationships into long-term partnerships, to have employees who embrace and love their job and company, who believe that they can realize their long-term dreams with us, and not lose our determination to achieve this, to be permanent and successful in our industry. we believe. Turning the business into success with this vision will result in permanent partnerships and profitable business results with our customers, of whom we will be solution partners.